How Does an Interview Look Like with Us?

Published: Apr 12. 2024
Recruiters at Touch4IT

Why are our interviews more round-based? What does the first meeting look like, and how do technical rounds proceed? All these answers may be useful to the HR community for inspiration and to our future colleagues who have yet to go through this recruitment process.

Why do we have a multi-round recruitment process?

As we mentioned in the video, we primarily aim to assess personality fit during our interviews. We try to imagine a typical workday or lunch conversation with the candidate. We observe how they react, whether we have things to discuss, and whether they have similar interests and values – all of which would be difficult to assess in just one meeting. Therefore, our process consists of multiple rounds, allowing us to evaluate technical skills and the ability to collaborate and fit into our company culture.

1st Round or "General Discussion"

An important aspect of this round is to better understand the interests and values of both parties. Only HR participates in the interview from our side, with the aim of mutual clarification of information. Candidates describe their professional experiences and what they expect from a new job, what schedule suits them, and we provide closer information about who we are, what we do, why we do it, how we operate, and what applies in our company.

2nd Round or "Technical Discussion"

In the second round of the interview, not only HR but also the technical expert or team leader, who are experts in the relevant technology, participate. The aim is to assess the depth of technical skills and the ability to apply them in a real work environment. The technical expert/team leader asks various technical questions and evaluates the reactions. Additionally, they observe communication, thinking processes, and personality fit. This round also enables candidates to ask detailed questions about the technologies, innovations, and projects we are working on. We have different assessment approaches for juniors, mediors, and seniors; typically, for juniors and mediors, this round is sufficient for us to make a final decision.

Interview process at Touch4IT

3rd Round or "Final Discussion"

Senior candidates most often participate in the last/final round of interviews. This round also involves one of our directors, who is interested in the senior candidates' thinking. We realize that new seniors joining our company will bring new and interesting approaches and ideas. We want to know we are "on the same page" regarding technological preferences and approaches. It is also a unique opportunity for candidates to meet one of our directors, ask anything, and understand how our company thinks.

When does the offer come from us?

After conducting the 2nd or 3rd round, we internally review the terms of cooperation and connect with the candidate over the phone to discuss the offer. We always send the agreed-upon information via email along with the benefits and working conditions. At that point, we need only a written "yes" from them to initiate the onboarding process.

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Authors: Miroslava Prvakova, Dominika Vassova, Matus Strasiftak 


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