Epic Teambuilding in Croatia 2024: Days of Fun, Sun, and Stronger Friendships

Published: Jun 25. 2024
Touch4IT Teambuilding in Croatia 2024

At Touch4IT, we believe that the key to success is not just expecting our team members to do a great job but also giving them the opportunity to get to know each other outside the workspace. That's why we're excited to share the highlights of our 8th teambuilding adventure in beautiful Povljana. Let's get the summer vibe with us and explore the best moments of our adventure!

Panel Discussion with Founders: A Space for Sharp Questions

We prepared the terrace of our apartment to be comfortable for what was coming - "the sharp questions" - and also got ready for an after-grill party in Croatian style with beer barrels to cheer up the atmosphere. The panel discussion happened in both ways – offline and online - because not everyone could attend in person due to various reasons. Shared these moments when people between balancing family and work could take time to participate are valuable to us more than ever. Our founders are all about supporting team members, which is why they gave everyone the chance to ask questions openly and they could answer in front of the whole company. What kind of top questions did they cover during the panel discussion?

  1. How to stay motivated

  2. New projects and opportunities

  3. Challenges and lessons learned 

  4. Technologies we are currently using and those we want to try or adopt

  5. ISO recertification next year

Touch4IT Teambuilding in Croatia 2024Touch4IT Teambuilding in Croatia 2024

Sunrise Run and Workout at the Camping Village: Fun in the Sun!

The next day kicked off with an early morning run, led by the founders, made even more epic by a sunrise in such a beautiful environment. As one of our colleagues explored the island on a morning bike ride, some of us stayed back to chill and recharge in the apartment, while the others headed straight for the Camping Village. There, we were welcomed by very kind workers in mini golf carts, who took us from the parking lot directly to the beach bar. At lunchtime, the rest of our team, who had arrived from Bratislava by airplane, joined us with smiles and full of energy. With our crew finally all together, we hit the volleyball courts, tried our hand at water scooters, and strengthened our relationships with friendly chats while swimming in the Adriatic Sea.

Touch4IT Teambuilding in Croatia 2024

The Best of the Trip: Sailing Adventures

The highlight of the trip for us was definitely riding the rented boats, and for that, we thank our two captains from the team. One of them not only managed to fit in a Saturday morning hike at Paklenica National Park - where our colleagues enjoyed the beautiful nature views and tested their office fitness condition - but he also switched cars in 13 minutes, got to the marina on time, and skillfully navigated us to a bay. There, we all swam together, saw sea urchins, enjoyed the sun, jumped into the open sea, admired the mountain scenery, and trusted that our captains would bring us back safely. We even had a drone to capture amazing footage, which you can check out on our Instagram under "Life at Touch4IT."

Touch4IT Teambuilding in Croatia 2024Touch4IT Teambuilding in Croatia 2024Touch4IT Teambuilding in Croatia 2024

Celebrating Unforgettable Moments: A Saturday to Remember

After four days filled with amazing moments and experiences, we all came together for dinner. We laughed, enjoyed delicious food, and deepened our work relationships even more. Full of our "vacation" spirit, we went into town and took a group photo to capture our happiness about experiencing this adventure together. Thank you to our amazing team for the opportunity to share these special moments together, and we are also really glad that everyone made it back home safely. Moving forward, we'll continue to create an environment where we not only focus on successful work but also enjoy spending time together inside and outside of work.

Touch4IT Teambuilding in Croatia 2024

What Do Our Founders Say About This Teambuilding?

"We consider this 8th edition as the most successful in terms of organization, thanks to our Eventgers who crafted the best program. Compared to previous years, there was more free time, and people had to find activities on their own. We deeply appreciate everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to join us. As our company grows, so do our team members, leading to more responsibilities and the need to balance their personal, family, and work lives. Once again, a big thank you for the fantastic event, and we're proud to share these moments with people like you. "

This summer's teambuilding is our biggest event of the year. We already have plans set for each season, along with smaller ones every month. If you like our company culture and would like to work with us on new projects, reach out to us on LinkedIn.


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