Eventgers in Touch4IT: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Published: Apr 18. 2024
Eventgers Team - Touch4IT

Great Company Culture and Strong Relationships: These are terms we often hear from our team members about our company. We’re delighted to receive such positive feedback! But what fuels this sentiment? What actions do we take to cultivate such an environment? Who are the "Eventgers"?

How can one develop personally with us outside of the usual job position?

We understand that success is not solely about technical abilities but also about strong relationships and a sense of belonging. That's why we established the "Eventgers" team to enhance our company culture. They are more than organizers; they cover diverse fields from backend and mixed reality leadership to marketing, HR, and office management. This diversity enables us to combine technical prowess with creativity and innovation, akin to software development. We offer opportunities for individuals to showcase their creative and organizational talents beyond their usual tasks, welcoming anyone interested in joining the "Eventgers" team.

More Than Just a Workplace…

Our aim is to transform our workspace into a community hub where joy, collaboration, and creativity are the norm, not the exception. We strive to make our office a place where team members are eager to arrive and interact with their colleagues, team leads, and founders. We organize many events, including Christmas parties, company retreats, casual breakfasts, barbecues, and team-building exercises.

Eventgers: Guardians of Our Company Culture

"It is important to us that the needs and feedback of our colleagues are heard. Based on satisfaction surveys and preferences, we always try to organize events and activities to meet everyone's needs, even though it is not always possible to achieve 100%. At the same time, we do all of this alongside our regular work. We ensure we select suitable venues, create pleasant conditions, and introduce programs that appeal to as many people in the company as possible. We care about maximum participation, not just in preparing for the event but also in its success because we want every individual to feel satisfied and heard."

David Ondruš and Norbert Šulek, co-founders of the "Eventgers" team: "We became part of the "Eventgers" even before this team had a name. As the company collective grows and continues to grow, events require more planning and organization. So, a few years ago, colleagues who enjoy this and have been in the company the longest came together—we know the company culture well and also the team members. We're always open to those interested in event planning. To this day, this idea makes sense to us, and we enjoy being part of event creation, not just participants."

We Value Each Other

Here at Touch4IT, relationships go beyond mere work connections to genuine friendships. It may sound clichéd, but it’s true: we base our culture on mutual respect, support, and care for every individual. We prioritize personal growth and well-being, ensuring that every colleague can express their opinions and contribute towards our collective goals and achievements.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

Maintaining a work-life balance is essential for our team’s satisfaction and effectiveness. We actively create conditions that support flexibility and personalized approaches to work responsibilities, including options for remote work, flexible hours, and work-life integration. This balanced approach enhances productivity, fosters creativity, and improves team satisfaction.


If you like our company culture and the vibe of our company but currently, we don't have an open position you prefer, feel free to send us your CV anyway.


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