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Published: Sep 22. 2017
dandy krokodil

Did you know that all over the world you might meet our little green serverist – crocodile Dandy? What countries has he visited so far and what experiences has he enjoyed on his travels?

Though he's active on Instagram only since August, his passion for traveling had begun years before. Crocodile Dandy is an unusual USB drive that accompanies us on all our trips and holidays. He always joins one of us, who's planing to leave Slovakia  and embark on a journey to new places. 

If you'd like to follow his „life“ and travel with him, follow his Instagram account:

crocodile Dandy Touch4IT

What countries has he visited? 

Dandy is a very passionate traveller and has been photographed with many well-known historical monuments or breathtaking natural wonders. This is the list of countries he has been to already:

  1. Croatia 

  1. Slovenia 

  1. Israel 

  1. Jordan

  1. England

  1. United States 

  1. United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

  1. Italy 

  1. Spain 

  1. Peru 

  1. Burma (Myanmar) 

Dandy looking at the back side of Hpa-an:

crocodile Dandy Hpa-an


Dandy taking a stroll in Split, Croatia:

crocodile Dandy v Chorvátsku


Dandy in front of the world's tallest building – Burj Khalifa in Dubai:

crocodile Dandy in Dubai


Dandy in front of Tower Bridge in London:

crocodile Dandy London


Dandy looking at the Royal Palace of Madrid:

crocodile Dandy in Madrid


Dandy in the Zingaro Nature Reserve on the island Sicilly: 

crocodile Dandy on Sicily


Dandy in Machu Picchu – the lost city of the Incas:

crocodile Dandy Machu Picchu


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