First Friends, Then Colleagues

Published: Oct 18. 2019
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Those who have experienced the atmosphere in our company or have been around the people in our team already know, that we’re saying the truth.  We’re not just colleagues sitting around one table. We’re friend who advise and motivate each other, help each other to move forward and also have fun together.

We Got Each Other’s Back

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a designer, backend developer or a project manager – every member of the team appreciates the others, and together they strive to achieve the best possible results. Each member of the team is aware of his/her responsibilities. We trust each other and got each other’s backs.

„It’s important for me to work with people who I can trust and rely on. I need to have people by my side who will buckle down and pull an all-nighter with me to successfully finish a project. And here, at Touch4IT, we just happen to have those people.“ 
– Tomas, DevOps developer


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We Complement Each Other

A great deal of projects is not just about designing or developing something. There’re projects where we need to sit down together and come up with something or propose a solution. Clients approach us with their needs, requirements or ideas and it’s our job to make and create a concept of the entire innovative technological solution based on those ideas. And this is when the creative mind of the designer, the pragmatic view of the developer and the organizational approach of the project manager meet together around the table. Thanks to our unique ideas and positive attitude, we create solutions that meet all the needs of the client, as well as his customers or internal team.

„It’s great to see designers and developers at one table together, discussing and looking for the best possible solutions for design and development. It’s truly interesting, because both of them have different views on the project. That’s why they come up with valuable ideas which help both sides to create the best possible outcome.“
– CEO Richard



We Help Each Other To Move Forward

At our firm, we go by the rule: If I keep moving forward and progressing, my team and the entire company does too. We are people, friends and colleagues who have great ambitions and are not afraid to think big. At our regular internal meetings, we share our new knowledge and experience that we’ve gained in order to educate and motivate each other. This is how we can grow together.

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We Have Fun All The Time!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that all the photos we publish from our regular company events prove this claim. Every year during summer, we organize a barbecue on the roof of our villa under Slavín or we pack our bags and head to Croatia to enjoy the sunny beach and experience a crazy weekend. Towards the end of the year, it’s time to dust off our Halloween costumes for our creepy and spooky Halloween party. And later in December, we have a nice get-together at our Christmas party with mulled wine and gingerbread.

Besides all those parties, we also organize adventurous spring and autumn tourist trips to Slovak mountains, gaming evenings of football or party games, Netflix evenings or plan cultural evenings in theaters and much more.  There’s definitely no shortage of time spent together at Touch4IT. That’s why we can build nice and long-lasting friendships.

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