Facebook will spice up the video market with its new feature called "Watch"

Published: Aug 12. 2017
Facebook Watch platforma

Facebook has decided to use the popularity of videos and various shows and is working on a new video platform called "Watch". How will it benefit the users?


"Watching videos on Facebook has a great potential to connect people, develop communication and support the whole community. It is indeed an effective tool to build and maintain contacts. We've realized that the users increasingly search for videos in the News Feed, so we've created a dedicated place they can go to watch videos,"


- says Daniel Danker, the product director.


The "Watch" platform is currently available only for a limited group on the US market, but soon shall be available to the whole USA and later to other countries. It will work on mobile devices, desktops, notebooks, tablets, even in some TV apps made by Facebook.


The platform will enable you to watch various videos and shows (live or recorded) and to create a watchlist to never miss new episodes of your favorite show. With "Watch" you'll be able to watch videos you like and discover new videos and shows you haven't heard about yet.


In "Watch" you'll find categories like:


  • "Most Talked About"
  • "What's Making People Laugh" or
  • "What Friends Are Watching"


Facebook Watch platforma Touch4IT
Zdroj: newsroom.fb.com.  

"We've learned that for many users adding comments and reactions to a video is as important as video itself. That's why we've decided to enable comments on "Watch" as well."  


One thing we know for sure  - everyone will find something for themselves on "Watch". It will air everything from reality shows, comedies and even live sports events. That's something to look forward to!


If you want to know more, check out a short video about this new feature.



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