6 tricks on how to keep a visitor on your website for a longer time

Published: Nov 07. 2016
ako udrzat navstevnika na stranke

1. Create a web with breathtaking design

Don´t be affraid to get inspired by inspirational webdesigns, that catch the eye of a visitor. If your page will be interesting and fascinating, your visitor will want to discover it and click through all of it. This will extend their stay at your website and maybe he or she will discover something, that will make them your potential client.
How to find out, if your web is visually attractive? Test it. Ask your family and friends, even strangers to click on your site and tell their opinion. If you want to know the opinions of your target audience, you can use UserTesting online service.

2. A simple navigation

Many visitors will leave your page, if they are having trouble with orientation and finding info. It´s important to realize, that people don´t want to kill time with thinking on your website and looking for the correct buttons to click on. They want to move intuitive, without loosing their precious time.
There are many quality sites, which have an easy navigation system, where the visitor can easily find his or her way. A great example is Apple.com, that has all the main categories, which people often visit, in the upper menu.

3. Set a fast loading for the site

How many times have you closed a site, after it failed to load quickly? Nowadays, people don´t want to wait, they want everything fast and quick. Optimalization of websites loading time is yet another important step, that you can´t ignore.

Also, it is an important part of a good user experience, so Google takes it into consideration in its evaluation algorithm.

4. Don´t forget to include clear and visible „call-to-action“ buttons

Are you asking, what is „call-to-action“? Usually, it´s a button, which leads the visitor to a certain action – it can be a button, that adds a product to the shopping case, button for newsletters signup, etc.
Call-to-action should always be visible and easy to find. It is also good to consider the colour and form of the button. The best way is to test it on an A/B test model, to find out, what your target audience likes best.

5. Try multimedia

Many visitors come to your site to learn something new – educate themselves, but they don´t want to read long and boring articles. Prepare for them different, more interesting content – create a short video or audio record, which they can listen to and learn new things.

6. Don´t forget linkbuilding

Imagine that you are an online agency and you published an interesting article about how to be sucessful on Facebook. If you won´t have links in your article on another content (another articles), your visitor will read just this one article and then leave (even if the topic interests him or her). But if you will have links on more content in the article or under it, the visitor may click on it and discover more interesting content.

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