Touch4Talks: Transforming Weather Data into 3D Visualizations in One App

Published: Aug 16. 2023
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Discover MySkyWatch, a mobile application we designed to visualize clouds in 3D and display real-time data on precipitation measurements. Read a short interview with Lukáš Láni, the Project Manager. 

What is MySkyWatch and what is its purpose?  

MySkyWatch is a mobile application that displays data about measured precipitation in 3D, allowing users to visualize clouds as they truly appear.  

What was the biggest challenge in the development of the project?  

The greatest challenge in this project was processing the data and presenting it to users in a form they could understand and provide added value.  

What stages preceded the development of the solution?  

As with every project, prior to development, we design the solution, including the visual appearance of the mobile application (UI), how it will be used (UX), and how the entire system will function, along with its architecture.  

What is the final product, and what is the purpose of the designed solution? What are its main features?  

The final product is a mobile application that displays information about precipitation measurements. It already includes forecast visualization and currently provides information about precipitation only in western Slovakia. The plan is to expand the radar network to cover a larger territory of Slovakia, improving the forecasts for the entire region.     

Who is the solution intended for, and which other industries can benefit from it?  

The MySkyWatch mobile application is intended for everyone engaged in outdoor activities, such as athletes, cyclists, motorcyclists, tourists, and professionals working outdoors, including farmers, river swimmers, or individuals organizing outdoor events and celebrations.  

What are the plans for the project (new features, enhancements)?  

For the MySkyWatch project, plans include expanding the coverage to encompass the entire territory of Slovakia, providing weather forecasts for the entire country. With more data, we will be able to make more accurate predictions.


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