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Published: Jun 09. 2023
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We are just a few days away from the highly anticipated annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2023, an exciting event eagerly awaited by Apple enthusiasts and developers alike. As I am one of them, I am sharing my thoughts on Vision Pro, the future of technology and XR.  

I believe that in a few years, we will look back at this event as we do now at WWDC 2007. Even back then, there were already many phones and touchscreens, and today we have a wide variety of AR/VR devices. However, they often seem disconnected from what's happening around us. While you can buy a PlayStation with a VR headset, the experiences are often limited to games. Yes, Meta is trying hard, but it feels slightly off track. 

Last Monday, Apple introduced a device that isn't just high-quality hardware. It's part of an ecosystem of complements that you are already actively and daily using, and it adds another dimension. That's why I believe Vision Pro is a game changer.  

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Vision Pro is a part of the technological innovations, such as XR, that I have long believed in and see as having a promising future. Why? Because the objective is not to transport ourselves in virtual worlds but, rather, to bring a digital dimension into the real world we live in. I think the entire XR industry was waiting for a device like the one Apple has delivered. 

At Touch4IT, we have been working with XR since the very first days of the company's existence. We started with a project where we placed a model of a Ducati motorcycle on a marker (specifically a five-euro bill). Since then, we have continued developing various advanced AR applications in industries such as beauty and automotive. We have also worked on multiplayer applications using VR headsets, which are perfect for escape rooms, laser tag, sport trainers, virtual sightseeing, collaborative meetings, and more.

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Over the years, we have deepened our expertise in 3D modeling and XR. Now, I am excited to apply our skills to Vision Pro. 

Nota Bene: We are talking about the very first generation of the device (Vision Pro). Did you buy the first generation of the iPhone back in 2007? Me neither. It seemed expensive to me. I was waiting and eventually purchased the fourth generation. So let's see, watch the journey, and discover where all this will take us! 

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