A Decade of Innovation: Touch4IT at CODECON 2024

Published: Jun 20. 2024
Touch4IT at CODECON 2024

This year, not for the first time, we participated in CODECON to introduce ourselves and remind Slovak tech enthusiasts about us. We invited our experts from different teams to our booth and held a survey on LinkedIn and Instagram, where people could vote for their preferred technologies. So, which ones came out on top?

CODECON X: Where Developers Unite for Innovation

CODECON is one of the technical conferences in the Slovak region, bringing together developers, IT professionals, startups, and investors from around the world. This year was special because it celebrated its 10th anniversary. It provides a platform to showcase the latest trends in AI intelligence, cybersecurity, software engineering technologies, and innovations in many other fields. This free event, organized by developers for developers, was special for us not only because of its milestone but also due to the good success we achieved and the new opportunities for cooperation it brought.

Touch4IT at CODECON 2024Touch4IT at CODECON 2024

Interactive Insights: Touch4IT's Impact at Codecon 2024

A big thanks to our amazing colleagues who were there all day, with smiles and full of skills, ready to answer any question they received and make an impact on every person who stopped by. During the day, various experts in XR, space projects, project funding, and even a colleague who changed careers and now works with us as a Backend Developer, took turns at our booth. We showcased how we promote AI intelligence and cybersecurity, optimize Mobile App Development, and utilize machine learning to solve complex problems across software technologies. At CODECON, apart from our merch, we brought our know-how and a team dedicated to sharing valuable experiences. Visitors could also try out an AR experience thanks to our Videobomb solution. 

Touch4IT at CODECON 2024Touch4IT at CODECON 2024

What interested the attendees the most?

What kind of work are we doing:

“At Touch4IT, we specialize in developing innovative software solutions tailored to our clients' needs. We focus on using the latest technologies and proven methods to create top-notch applications that help businesses grow and succeed.“

How are we optimizing Mobile App Development:

“We make them better by planning carefully and using new ideas and tools to create apps that work well. Our teams are constantly learning about what's new in the industry, so we can make apps that fit what people want and are easy to use.“

How to change careers and switch to IT:

“Learn the necessary skills through courses or training, gain experience with internships or starting jobs, and connect with people in the industry while staying updated on what's happening.“

Touch4IT at CODECON 2024Touch4IT at CODECON 2024

What Kind of Experience Did We Take from the Event?

“We must commend the organizers for better event management than last year. The conference reflected new IT trends and challenges. We noticed slightly fewer and younger attendees, which changed the dynamics of discussions and topics. This year, the dominant theme was 'How to change careers and switch to IT,' whereas last year, participants were more interested in the technical details of our projects. “

Touch4IT at CODECON 2024Touch4IT at CODECON 2024

Tech Poll Results: Unveiling the Top Trends

On the day of Codecon, we asked tech enthusiasts which technology they thought was the best. We did this survey in two ways: offline, where people at Codecon voted at our booth, and online, on our social networks. We're glad for every answer and conversation at the Old Market in Bratislava. Here are the results:

Touch4IT at CODECON 2024 - Tech PollTouch4IT at CODECON 2024 - Tech Poll


If you couldn't catch us at CODECON and you're interested in what we're up to or want to join our projects, feel free to reach out to us on LinkedIn.


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