Representing the best of the IT sector in Austin during SXSW 

Published: May 13. 2024
Touch4IT in Austin during SXSW 

We were invited by Slovak PRO to be part of their event “Slovak PRO House“, organized during SXSW in Austin, as a representative company of the Slovak IT sector. How was our adventure? From an emergency landing, Slovak hats, a visit to Tesla, to forming new partnerships in Texas. 

Slovak PRO: Support for Slovak Professionals in the USA and their businesses 

Slovak PRO is a non-profit organization aiming to connect the Slovak professional community living in the United States with companies in Slovakia and help them find new business opportunities. During the SXSW conference in Austin, where they were a key point for participating Slovak companies, they organized the "Slovak PRO House" event. At Touch4IT, we consider it a great success to have also been included. Our founders Michal Korman and Richard Roštecký, along with the Head of Business Development Michal Rusko, presented our networking activities, services, products, and projects in the healthcare industry. 

Touch4IT and Slovak PROTouch4IT and Slovak PRO

Contribution of Touch4IT and Overcoming Challenges 

Our mission at the event was to present the Slovak IT sector and showcase the know-how in transforming the healthcare industry in North America. The main part of our presentation was the BigHeart Philanthropy project, which significantly improved access to medical care for over 800,000 Americans. Even unexpected problems during the journey, like when our team had to make an emergency landing in Chicago and got a bonus of spending an extra 4 hours partying on the plane before everyone could leave, didn't stop us from facing this challenge with a sense of humor and getting to the event on time, performing well, and making an impact in Texas.  

Touch4IT Austin Trip - Flight

Unmissable with Slovak cultural elements known as “širák“ 

In the spotlight, we were supported by a cool advertising campaign by Kreativ Gang. They came up with the idea of hats - “širáky“ - with logos from Slovak companies. It really caught people's eyes wherever we went. Thanks to these hats, we met awesome folks and made new connections, which usually don't happen just walking down the street. 

Touch4IT and Kreativ Gang cooperation

Visiting the Tesla Giga Factory and Driving the Cybertruck 

One of the most exciting experiences was visiting Tesla, where we had the chance to see the production of the cybertruck, try it out, and even drive it! Cars and motorcycles are hobbies that connect us and form our company culture, which is why we didn't hang back for a second to visit the Giga Factory. It was a really good idea because we met many people impressed by our projects. We even got the chance to see how our logo would look on the cybertruck! A big applause to the talented people who allowed us to peer into the future of the automotive industry. 

Touch4IT Austin TripTouch4IT Austin Trip

Thank you to everyone who supports us, not only in Slovakia but also around the world, and thanks to whom we can collectively push the boundaries of innovation forward, especially in healthcare. 



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