Touch4Talks: Our AR Solution Videobomb Scored Big with Basketball Legend Shaquille O'Neal

Published: Feb 13. 2024
Touch4Talks: Our AR solution Videobomb

We asked Filip, our XR Developer, to chat briefly about Augmented Reality, focusing on our Web AR tool, Videobomb. Developed for a US client, Videobomb has stood out in numerous popular brand campaigns this year, demonstrating great numbers in customer engagement and boosting conversion rates. 

What is Augmented Reality? 

Augmented Reality is a rapidly developing technology that allows us to see objects in real space instead of virtual reality, which seeks to replace all our senses with a virtual environment. The benefit of AR lies in the fact that all we need to use it is a smartphone, making it a much more accessible technology. 

Introducing the Videobomb project 

Videobomb is a project we developed for our American client. It is a tool for creating marketing campaigns that allow the display of digital content on real objects, whether it's a product in a store or a billboard on the street. 

Can you share Videobomb's success stories? 

Our AR solution was used by Papa John's Pizza, who invited basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal to participate in their campaign. This campaign took place during the Super Bowl, with Shaq O'Neal sharing a link to our developed augmented reality on his Instagram, reaching millions of people. Popular American musicians also used Videobomb to successfully promote their new albums, proving to be a very effective tool for increasing conversion and engagement with potential customers. 



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