Lenka Rabčanová: "What Does a Business Growth and Innovation Specialist at Touch4IT Do?"

Published: Jul 19. 2023
Meet our team Lenka

Hi Lenka, could you share some information about yourself? 

Hi, I'm Lenka, an adventurous tech enthusiast with a passion for embracing challenges, building meaningful relationships, and constantly growing both personally and professionally. 

How did you hear about your current job at Touch4IT and what was the interview process like? 

I would say that this role found me, and I was fortunate to connect with the right person. It all started when I began chatting with Michal Korman (Founder of Touch4IT) on LinkedIn, and he asked if he could assist me in any way. I mentioned that I was exploring my options, and we scheduled a call. During our conversation, Michal introduced me to the company, which immediately resonated with me, and he presented a position that I had never considered before. However, he sparked a curiosity in me, and as I weighed the pros and cons, I realized it could be a great fit considering my aspirations for the future. 

The interview process was conducted in a very friendly atmosphere. I was given a task to complete, which allowed both parties to understand each other's expectations. I then had another interview with my colleague Dado Slezák from the US, and after that, everything fell into place. Out of all the candidates, they chose me for the role. 

“I feel grateful to have stumbled upon this opportunity and to have gone through such a positive and engaging interview process. It was a testament to the company's welcoming and collaborative culture, which made me even more excited to join the team.” 

Did you know about Touch4IT before you started working here? Have you worked in tech companies before, and do you think it's a good or bad thing? Why? 

I was not familiar with Touch4IT prior to joining the company. I first learned about it when I reached out to Michal Korman through LinkedIn. Michal's enthusiastic portrayal of Touch4IT revealed a company driven by cutting-edge technologies, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a vibrant team culture. His captivating descriptions of the projects and working environment left a lasting impression on me. 

Being someone with a tech background, I saw joining Touch4IT as a great opportunity. I view it as an asset in my current role. I always had a strong interest in staying connected to the ever-evolving world of technology, and that's precisely why working at Touch4IT feels like a perfect fit for me. I thoroughly enjoy following the progress of new projects and developments. I believe this background enables me to better understand client's needs, provide them with fresh ideas, and propose the right solutions. 

Lenka Rabcanova - Innovation Specialist - Touch4IT

How has living abroad impacted you? What led you to return to Slovakia? 

I first went to Spain when I was 15, and then to Norway at 17, both for a year during my high school studies. Later, I participated in an Erasmus program in Germany during my university years, and I also had the opportunity to work there for a few months. 

These experiences abroad had a significant impact on me. They allowed me to broaden my horizons and understand different mentalities and ways of life. Being outside of my comfort zone, I had to face situations I wouldn't have encountered back home. Learning a foreign language became a necessity for effective communication, leaving no room for shyness and timidity. 

I met amazing people during my time abroad, and I believe we will have lifelong connections. I also went through challenging moments that ultimately strengthened me. I'm grateful for each and every experience. 

However, I am aware that this wouldn't be possible without the support from my family. Deep down, I always wanted to return to Slovakia. Despite my love for travel, I have a strong motivation to share family moments as much as possible. That's why I cannot imagine a life permanently away from Slovakia. It's the place I call home and where I find comfort and belonging. 

Tell us, what do you do at Touch4IT?  

In my current role at Touch4IT, I am responsible for identifying companies that can benefit from our services. Whether it's reaching out to them directly with our existing products or exploring collaborative opportunities to enhance their services and products with our expertise, my goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships. By leveraging our capabilities, I strive to help our clients improve and succeed in their respective industries. 

What's a typical workday like for you, and who do you work with the most? 

My days at Touch4IT are diverse and dynamic. I collaborate closely with the Business Development Team, Marketing Professionals, and Project Managers. Effective communication is the cornerstone of our work, as it enables us to achieve optimal results. By working closely together, we ensure seamless coordination and synergy across departments, ultimately delivering the best outcomes for our clients. 

What's your favorite thing on your schedule? 

One of the aspects I truly appreciate about my position is the opportunity to engage with captivating projects and remarkable individuals on a daily basis. I find it personally fulfilling to witness the continuous evolution of the tech industry. Staying up to date with the latest trends is not only essential but also exciting, as it enables me to propose and deliver highly relevant and innovative solutions to our valued partners. Being able to contribute to their success by providing cutting-edge services is incredibly rewarding and keeps me motivated to constantly push boundaries. 

What's the biggest challenge in your job? 

One of the main challenges I encounter in this role is balancing my tech background with the need to improve my communication and presentation skills. It requires effort and practice to feel more comfortable interacting with others and using the right words to effectively convey ideas. Stepping outside my comfort zone and working on these areas is a positive experience for me. It allows me to grow both personally and professionally, enhancing my ability to contribute to the team and provide value to our clients. 

What qualities made you a Business Growth and Innovation Specialist at Touch4IT? What skills are important for this role and why? 

Joining the Touch4IT team has been an incredible opportunity for me to make the most of my tech background. It has given me the tools and expertise to understand our solutions inside out and convey their value to our clients effectively. I'm dedicated to staying up to date with the latest industry trends through continuous learning, which enables me to provide valuable insights to our clients. What's more, my genuine passion for networking and sharing the exciting projects we're working on perfectly aligns with Touch4IT's collaborative and innovative team spirit. 

What's the process like for hiring and onboarding at Touch4IT? What positive and negative aspects have you noticed about it? 

The hiring process at Touch4IT was efficient and straightforward. When it comes to the onboarding process, I appreciate that our head of people took the time to sit down with me and provide an overview of the company's history, the co-founders, and the company culture. It was conducted in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, we have a valuable resource called the "Cookbook," which contains all the important internal information, making it convenient for reference instead of having to remember everything discussed during the onboarding session. I was given ample time to properly familiarize myself with the company, and it's interesting how quickly I feel integrated and connected to the team, as if I've been here for much longer than I actually have. 

How have you been feeling and what have you noticed during your first few days? What are your impressions of the people, processes, tasks, workflow, and work-life balance? 

From the first few days, I realized that Touch4IT is exactly the place where I want to work. The people here are open, friendly, and, most importantly, genuine. There is no pretense or ego; everyone feels like a group of friends, and it creates a genuinely pleasant atmosphere. 

If I were to describe this job to someone, I would envy myself! 😁 If someone needs a break from work, they can take time to cook, take a nap, or relax on the terrace with an iced coffee. You never feel alone here, but at the same time, there are designated spaces for those moments when you need to focus. 

One of the things that surprised me is the exceptional internal communication within Touch4IT. It's not just about work-related discussions during office hours but even during our free time, there is a genuine eagerness to share hobbies and interests.  

“It's refreshing to be part of a team that not only works well together professionally but also values personal connections and fosters a sense of community.” 

Lenka Rabcanova - Innovation Specialist - Touch4IT

What advice do you have for young people starting their career journey? 

As someone who is also at the beginning of my career path, I can share my personal journey and what I've learned so far. Taking the leap and stepping out of my comfort zone has been a defining aspect of my own experience. It involved embracing new challenges and venturing into unfamiliar territory. While it may seem daunting, trying new things has allowed me to grow and discover my potential. So, my advice to young people would be to embrace the unknown, take calculated risks, and be open to new opportunities. It's through these experiences that we can truly expand our horizons and move forward in our careers. 

What advice do you have for individuals looking to switch their career path? 

While it may sound like a cliché, my advice to people who want to change their career path is to embrace the change and go for it. Taking that step provides the greatest opportunity to discover oneself and gain clarity about what one truly wants from life. I believe these transitions are the ones that shape us the most. Life is a one-time journey, so why not give it a try? Don't be afraid of the change; instead, see it as a chance for growth and personal development. Embracing new career paths can lead to unexpected and fulfilling experiences that may have a profound impact on our lives. So, be open to exploring new opportunities and never hesitate to take that leap of faith. 

Is that something special about Touch4IT culture what you want to share with the world? 

What makes Touch4IT company truly unique is its people and the remarkable relationships we have within the team. From day one, I felt a sense of belonging and camaraderie that I hadn't experienced before. The company culture at Touch4IT is truly special, as it fosters an environment of collaboration, support, and genuine friendship. Everyone here is approachable, open-minded, and willing to lend a helping hand. It's not just about working together; it's about forming meaningful connections and building relationships that go beyond the workplace. 

One of the things I appreciate most is how easily I was able to incorporate myself into the team. From my initial interactions with colleagues to the onboarding process, I felt welcomed and supported every step of the way. The company's emphasis on open communication and teamwork creates a sense of unity and shared purpose. It's refreshing to work in an environment where everyone's contributions are valued, and ideas are encouraged to flourish. 

Do you have a life motto? If so, what is it? 

I don't have one specific motto that I live by. As I go through different stages in life, each presenting its own challenges, I find myself embracing different guiding principles. I always seek out new sources of inspiration that help me navigate through difficult times. Instead of relying on specific mottos, I strive to cultivate a personal set of values that I aim to live by. 

These values serve as my internal compass, guiding my decisions and actions. They shape the way I approach relationships, work, and personal growth. While I may not have a single motto, I believe that having a strong foundation of values enables me to stay true to myself and navigate life's complexities with integrity and purpose. 

So, rather than a single motto, I embrace an ongoing journey of self-discovery and personal growth, constantly refining my values and applying them to the challenges and opportunities that come my way.

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