CSR in Action: Making a Difference for a Greener Future

Published: Jun 24. 2024
CSR in Action: Making a Difference for a Greener Future

At Touch4IT, we're passionate about doing business the right way. That means focusing on economic goals, protecting the environment, and supporting our community. How do we contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the environment?

Green Initiatives: Protecting Our Environment

Minimizing harm to the environment is one of our top goals. We've placed colorful bins and informative signs throughout our offices. They help us sort correctly, recycle systematically, and separate different types of garbage. To be more "eco-friendly," we've started composting all biodegradable waste, like fruit and used paper towels from the bathrooms, to enrich our garden soil. We also compost half a kilogram of coffee waste every day because the right espresso vibe buzzes with our best ideas and gives us the perfect excuse for small breaks from working. Furthermore, we're reducing our environmental footprint and preparing for a sustainable future by using environmentally friendly products in our company merch. This includes multi-charging cables, recycled notebooks, and pens, while also maintaining our commitment to ISO 14001 standards for recertification.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Touch4ITCorporate Social Responsibility at Touch4ITCorporate Social Responsibility at Touch4ITCorporate Social Responsibility at Touch4IT

Smart Home: Energy Revolution in Digital Style

We're investing in new generations of processors and hardware that use less energy. Instead of sticking with devices for 5-10 years, we prefer buying newer, more energy-efficient ones. We're also cutting down on paper waste by signing documents electronically, showing our clients about the benefits of digital signatures. Looking ahead, we're planning to introduce smart home technology that automatically turns off lights and air conditioning when windows are open. This helps reduce fire risks, saves money over time, and fits into modern living styles.

Corporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate Social Responsibility

Eco-Tech Projects: Driving a Greener Tomorrow

GreenChem AdBlue4You: Using AR to Improve Clean Technology

At Touch4IT, we created a mobile app using augmented reality (AR) to help GreenChem AdBlue4You showcase 3D models of their systems. This tech allows customers to see exactly how the systems will look and fit in real-world settings, making decisions easier. The app also lets representatives craft and send detailed price offers, boosting efficiency and the company’s professional image. Our work covers multiple countries, including Austria, Belgium, France, and the UK.

GreenWay: Powering the Future of EV Charging

Our project with GreenWay aimed to create a new mobile app for charging electric vehicles. We started by examining their current system and then developed a simplified version with an improved design for both iOS and Android. GreenWay is known as the biggest public EV charging network in Central and Eastern Europe, operating more than 500 stations in Poland and Slovakia, and connecting to thousands more across Europe.

Traveling Efficiently: Supporting and Motivating Alternative Transportation

To motivate our team members to use alternative transportation instead of cars, we've set up bike racks outside our office in Bratislava for secure locking. We also provide company bikes for trips to meetings in the city center, for example, our founders also love to use them for quick rides from meeting to meeting. Additionally, we're running a seasonal challenge to track the kilometers traveled just to work, not from there, by foot, bike, longboard, skates, or other means. The person who travels the most kilometers wins a voucher for a sports shop. As a bonus, we plan to install stations for electric bikes and cars, like Tesla, in the future.

Our Teambuilding WorkOut: Space for Innovative Ideas

Each month, we organize WorkOut events where a team of five members has the freedom to create engaging activities, such as blind tastings. During this event, we've had many colleagues enjoy a fun time together, tasting new flavors from umami, or tamarind, to our traditional Slovak specialty called Treska. Next, we're planning mini-golf and these types of activities can also come up with educational programs such as seminars on topics like recycling and ecology. Participation is always voluntary and open to everyone in the company. We are glad that these events are educational and also part of our office life, including fun and interactive, fostering a strong sense of community. By learning together and sharing ideas, we become more environmentally conscious and also strengthen our bonds as a team. 

Corporate Social Responsibility at Touch4IT

At Touch4IT, we're always exploring new ways to support green innovations and initiate activities as part of our Corporate Social Resposibility. If our approach resonates with you and you'd like to join our team, connect with us on LinkedIn to explore opportunities. We look forward to talking with you!


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