What is UX and UI Design and Why is It Important?

Published: Jan 19. 2018
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Creating an effective graphic design for a web or mobile application requires knowledge of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design and their proper implementation in the development process. It is necessary to adhere to general design principles and consider elements related to a specific product or brand.

When the first computers were introduced to the public, not everyone could use them. Only those who knew how to program and work with code could operate computers and create commands. Developers needed to find a way to make computers more accessible to "ordinary" users. This led to the creation of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), featuring various windows, folders, navigation menus, and other elements, making it easier for regular users to interact with computers.

What is UI? 

User Interface (UI) includes individual screens, pages, subpages, buttons, and other visual elements that help users interact with a device or application.

UI designers focus on creating software that is easy to navigate and visually appealing for all devices (PC, tablet, mobile). Users should be able to easily identify the role and function of each element and navigate to their desired location on the website or within the application.

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"Design creates stories, and stories create memorable experiences, and great experiences have this innate ability to change the way we view our world." 
- Christian Saylor (Senior UX Designer Specialits at Universal Mind)  

What is UX? 

User Experience (UX) represents a user's overall experience with any application, whether mobile, desktop, or web-based. UX design must be tailored to the target audience, to guide users from point A to point B in a straightforward and efficient manner. When customers use your product, the objective is to encourage them to use it again and recommend it to their friends.

How to create a good UX design? Creating a good UX design starts with understanding why users use your application and what they want or need to do with it. The aim is to ensure that the customer journey is as simple and intuitive as possible. This involves making the interface user-friendly and ensuring that all interactions are straightforward and meaningful for the users.

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"If we want users to like our software we should design it to behave like a nice person: respectful, generous and helpful." 
- Alan Cooper (American software designer and programmer - called "Father of Visual Basic") 

Why are UX and UI design so important?

In today's fast-paced business environment, web and mobile applications that respond quickly and efficiently are the most successful. If your product page takes 15 seconds longer to load than a competitor's page, it will impact your site's traffic and sales. Users often visit websites knowing what they want and expect to find it quickly. Therefore, designers must create effective UI and UX designs to guide visitors or users as efficiently as possible.

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