Touch4IT reveals: What do we traditionally do at Christmas?

Published: Dec 25. 2018
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Shopping centres have been in the Christmas atmosphere since November, but today we can already say: Christmas is here! We will be sitting in front of Christmas tree, listening Christmas carols, eating cakes and opening presents. Are you looking forward to that?    

Christmas is a holiday, when we slow down for a while and let ourselves swim with a sweet Christmas atmosphere. With a cup of boiled punch in hand, we help Mom to decorate the Christmas tree or the octave, and we sit for a Christmas movie with delicious cakes. Are you interested in what our favorite Christmas traditions are?

1. Time spent with the family is the best

When we asked each other what we like the most at Christmas, the word "family" was mentioned in almost every single answer. It's not just in movies or TV shows, family is very important for many of us. Sometimes it's not about a Christmas tree or presents, but about the people with whom you are. :)

christmas time with family

2. Delicious common dinner

Christmas is about food, too. What would be this holiday without mayonnaise salad or sweet pies? Many of us are looking forward to this holiday because of that, even though it brings some kilograms to their weight.
In connection with the food, we were amused by one of colleague's answer: "My tradition is to looking at my dad how he is putting a piece of fish and salad on his plate for the third time and seeing how much he is planning to eat. I am really impatient because I want to open my presents."   

3. Television & fairy tales are necessary 

Can you imagine Christmas without traditional fairy tales? Christmas holiday is the time when you can wear colourful Christmas socks, relax under the blanket with a hot cocoa in one hand and a sweet pie in another hand. 


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We wish you all the beautiful Christmas holidays full of love & joy.

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