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Published: Mar 19. 2018
touch4it teambuilding

The hard work should be always alternated with moments of relaxation and fun. We follow this idea and organize activities that have no competition.

Summer remote office in Croatia 

During the last summer, we've traveled to Croatia for a long weekend. We were working, making presentations, preparing a common lunch, swimming, travelling to nearby places and much more. It is a great summer event so we look forward to it since January.  

team building touch4it croatia


Christmas party with hot wine 

What would be the end of the year without a good Christmas party? On December 21, 2017 - 3 days before Christmas - we organized a Christmas party that was amazing! Before the party we evaluated the year 2017 in terms of successes and failures and agreed that the year 2018 will be even better!  

team building touch4it christmas party


Tournaments in table football 

We announce the date and time, create teams of 2 members, open a beer and play all night. :) It is mostly for our boys, but sometimes girls also join the game.   

teambuildingy touch4it stolny futbal


Halloween party in great style

Last year, we announced 1920s style gangster Halloween party. There were scary sandwiches & fiery drinks. The party started at 7 o'clock and continued into the late night. It was a nice to see colleagues in elegant and stylish outfits and dance on cool "mafia" songs.

team building touch4it halloween


Going down the Danube 

We also like to go to the water... One or two times a year, some of us will choose to go down the river Danube. We usually pray for a nice and warm weather a few days before our trip. :) 

team building touch4it danube


Gaming Evening 

On Thursday 15.3. we organized a gaming evening. It was a great opportunity to "activate" team spirit and find out which of us are the most competitive and nervous (when they are losing :D). We were playing party games, table football and NHL on xbox. 

team building touch4it gaming evening


Mototrip for brave motorcycle riders  

As there are many active riders, we organize smaller mototrip around the surrounding countries (Austria, Italy, France, Slovenia, Croatia) once a year. During the trip we see many new and interesting places, so it is really a great experience! 

team building touch4it mototrip


Vltava Run for persistent runners

This year, for the second time, we are planning to join the Vltava Run which is 360 km long and stretches along the Vltava river, across the Šumava to Prague. It is a great event for the whole weekend. 

team building touch4it vltava run


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