"If Touch4IT was a woman, I would marry her."

Published: Apr 08. 2023
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Innovations are created by people whose ideas are reflected in our tech solutions. In the end of the day, it's the unique spirit of our Touch4IT team that brings the added value to everything we do – to our projects, services, products, relationships between partners and team members. To everything worked well, it is essential that the company is set on the human side. Just to be on the same page as everyone else. :) 

It's a perfect match! (with our team) 

When hiring and selecting new team members, we are highly focused on human skills. As one well-known author said: "Nowadays, the term soft skill is outdated and less accurate." We agree. Human skills include qualities such as: willingness, patience, empathy, the ability to listen to others and the ability to conduct complex discussions, when there is no place for ego.  
It is important for us that candidate feels the company's culture already during the hiring process. We tend to finish selection process with an informal and friendly lunch with founders or with the team. It's a really great opportunity to get to know each other better. :)

Our doors are open to everyone

People are often reaching to us and want to work at Touch4IT without any offer published. Usually they just heard about our very special culture, so they want to be a part of it. When this is happening, we are always happy and excited, because we can have an honest conversation with the candidate about the added value, that he can bring to the company. How the candidate can help us and how our company can help him on his career journey. What we notice is potential, passion and the fit with our team spirit, of course. 

Our core is our team

The goal is to grow. That's why it is important for us to keep our eyes open and perceive human capital as something unique, as something that can really help to move the company forward quickly. With our minds open - this is how we can achieve a very high level of engagement of individuals and, consequently, a high added value of our solutions.  

We design our job positions in a way there is always 10 – 20 % space for a self-realization. Our team members have the opportunity to create something of their own to the company. Of course, this is a little bit more complicated when you apply as developer, but it is not impossible! For example some of our developers are also members of “Eventgers” team, where we are organizing teambuildings and many cool events for the whole company.

Who are we looking for?

The main things are to feel good in the company (the team, not the builiding, even though our office is lovely), having the same values and to be able to support each other. We work in an informal and friendly atmosphere based on trust and mutual respect. We require our new colleagues to be responsible, honest, open and enthusiastic about things we do. We are constantly trying to maintain our job and daily tasks as our passion because that's how we can help in company's and our personal growth.  
We are glad and thankful for every single member of our team, but always searching for other nice and smart people to join. If you think you have the Touch4IT spirit, check the open job positions or just contact us. 


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