Augmented Reality in engineering: 3D tractor

Published: Jan 19. 2018
rozsirena realita traktor

Augmented reality is already becoming a big trend in our country and can be used in any area - building industry, medicine, finance, beauty and many others. This time we used this technology in engineering and created several 3D models for the client. So... what do you think?

At the end of 2017, the advertising agency Mayer/McCann Erickson addressed us to create a mobile app with AR technology for one of their clients - company HTC holding a.s.. And we were excited about it! We design the whole concept of application and the whole development lasted approximately 200 hours. Our graphic designer Noro led the whole AR team and did a great job. :)  

What does this mobile app offer? 

Augmented reality has been applied to Zetor tractor, because this brand also belongs to the HTC holding company. This Czech manufacturer of tractors and tractor components has over 70 years of experience and numerous awards that are proof of great strategy and high product quality.   

The technology was also used for three other products/services of the company. The first of these are standard and special rolling bearings for a variety of industrial applications:

augmented reality bearings


The second are components made of carbon materials for the electrotechnics, automotive, chemical and glass industries:

augmented reality components


The company is also currently active in Real Estate with the aim to invest in developers projects:

augmented reality real estate


The AR mobile app is used in conjunction with the catalog that introduces the entire company - history, vision and all the products.  

Already officially presented... 

HTC Holding a.s. has already presented new catalog & mobile app with AR technology to their business partners at Carnevalle. According to what we know the partners were surprised and fascinated by augmented reality.

augmented reality htc holding


How does it look like? Watch the following video:


Augmented reality can be applied to every area

It is not just a fairytale, we know it. And why? Because we work with it. This technology can be used in the field of education (learning how to write in Chinese) or medicine (human heart, skull structure), company presentation or simply for entertainment (our AT game The Egg Hunt).  


If you are interested in discussing how AR technology could be used in your business, don't hesitate to contact us by email at or message on our Facebook page.  

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