Touch4Talks: Revolutionizing Industries with VR Multiplayer Platform 

Published: Oct 04. 2023
Touch4Talks Filip - Touch4IT

In a short interview with Filip, a member of our XR team, we introduce the innovative VR Multiplayer Platform, enabling real-time interaction among multiple players in the same physical space. 

What is the essence of Virtual Reality (VR)?  

VR is a technology that allows people to experience computer-generated virtual environments in the most realistic and immersive way possible. This is made possible through VR headsets, which provide us with a sense of depth and enable us to move within the virtual space in a way that feels natural, using our body movements, as opposed to mouse and keyboard inputs. VR is also about transporting people to places and providing experiences that would be very challenging, or even impossible, to have in the real world.  

Introduce the VR Multiplayer Platform project we developed: 

The VR Multiplayer Platform is a project being developed by our XR department. It’s a project that provides a platform for managing VR applications, where players in the same physical space can connect to virtual reality and interact with objects and the virtual environment together.  

What makes the project unique?  

The VR Multiplayer Platform is a unique project because it features multiplayer capabilities, allowing multiple players to experience the same virtual environment simultaneously. Another feature is real-space calibration, which adapts to the physical space in which the players are located. Additionally, an admin application gives the admin user a smartphone-based overview of this virtual environment, enabling them to manage the entire virtual experience and influence and modify its progression.  

Where can the VR Multiplayer Platform be used?  

The VR Multiplayer Platform has applications in various fields. In the entertainment industry, it can be used for activities such as laser tag or escape rooms. In sports, it can serve as a sports training simulator. In the workplace, it can facilitate collaborative work. In architecture or product design, it can aid in visualization. It can also be utilized in collaborative meetings, various types of training, or in the cultural sector for virtual exhibitions or tours.  



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