8 years of Touch4IT: “We have top talents, top solutions and we will deliver results that everyone can be proud of”

Published: Aug 14. 2023
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Time goes by so fast. This year, we are celebrating 8 years of Touch4IT. On this occasion, we invited our three founders - Richard Roštecký, Michal Korman, and Matej Mihalech - for a quick interview and asked them five questions on the anniversary. Let's dive into their answers!

What notions come to your mind when thinking about the company’s early beginnings?

RR: Hobbies, mobile applications, and software development.

MK: Crowded office, shared vision, and lifelong friendship.

MM: Precision, recognition, definition.

What are the most important milestones of the company in the past 8 years?

RR: A team of 20 members, a team of 40 members, and a team of 60 members. These are the most significant milestones and checkpoints.

MK: A team of 20 members, our very first salary, our first space project, and 60% of revenue from abroad.

MM: Moving to the new office that helped us attract new partners, the second milestone is our expansion to the US market – nowadays about 70% of revenue comes from the USA. The third milestone is launching an office in Žilina.

The Touch4IT team is growing. How do you stay in touch with its members?

RR: To be honest, it's getting more and more difficult every year. It makes me a little bit frustrated that I can't catch up with everyone as I would like to, but I do my best to spend time with the team in person and have a pleasant chat with everyone.

MK: In person. After the Covid era, I prefer personal contact. After work, we often do sports together, play pool, or have grill sessions on-site, as well as ski trips and laser tag and other fun activities, where we can come together as a team.

MM: I am still a project and product manager, so this is one of the ways I stay in contact with the team. Contact with people is super important to me because people are the greatest value of our company. It's not the fancy office, it's not our projects, but the team. I believe it's necessary to be physically present.

Describe today’s team spirit in three words.

RR: Honest, driven, persistent.

MK: I would say hard-working, innovative, and sharp.

MM: Friendship, shared vision, and personal responsibility.

What do you wish for Touch4IT on its 8th birthday?

RR: I wish for Touch4IT to remain the same company that we established back in the day. May strength and enthusiasm always be here. I believe there are great years and bold challenges ahead of us. Under our roof, we hold more than anyone could imagine, and we are ready to show the world what we are capable of. We have top talent, top solutions, and I believe we will deliver results that everyone can be proud of.

MK: Firstly, I wish mental and physical health for our team. Secondly, I wish to demonstrate our global presence by acquiring more interesting references.

MM: I wish to open a new office in the US.



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