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Published: Oct 03. 2023
Touch4IT in Space Industry

At Touch4IT, we've been working on space projects for years, building our own space department. It's a thrill to help grow Slovakia's space community, at home and abroad. Our tool, SGAT, is even used by ESA. We're not stopping there – we're continuing to explore new opportunities and helping to build community. Keep reading about our latest activities. 

February 2023 

WebUp Žilina vol. 37 (Slovakia) 

“WebUp” is a dynamic series of local tech events right in the heart of Žilina, featuring captivating industry experts. Back in February, we had the honor of being invited as speakers. Our topic? Nothing less than the exciting realm of our projects, including SGAT, where we discussed all the key features. 

March 2023 

Introduction to Space Generation Advisory Council (Slovakia) 

Joining forces with fellow leading experts in the Slovak space industry, we participated in the 'Introduction to Space Generation Advisory Council' event. Here, we had the privilege of engaging in roundtable discussions and sharing our wealth of experience. The chance to network with fellow space enthusiasts was a delightful bonus. 

Encounters with young, aspiring space enthusiasts are always a source of joy for us. Inspiring them to pursue studies in space engineering is a mission we wholeheartedly embrace. The space industry's rapid growth is opening doors to both exciting opportunities and formidable challenges, and as new horizons unfold, we remain ever-ready to take them on. 

ESA Day in Slovakia (Slovakia) 

We attended the European Space Agency Day in Košice. Alongside other professionals in the field, we were part of inspiring discussions, and interacting with other space enthusiasts was a gratifying aspect of this event. 

April 2023 

FEI Space Week 2023 

We marked the 33rd launch anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope during FEI Space Week. Lukáš Láni, our Space Projects Lead, took the stage on Tuesday to deliver a captivating lecture on Space Engineering. Exploring the exciting world of the space industry, we shared interesting opportunities for tech companies in Slovakia. 

May 2023 

New Capabilities and Countries in European Space Conference (Netherlands) 

We participated in the New Capabilities and Countries in European Space Conference held in the Netherlands. During this event, we focused on enhancing our knowledge and expanding our network within the space industry. It was a valuable opportunity for learning and connecting with fellow professionals in the field. 

Touch4IT in space industry

Codecon (Slovakia) 

Lukáš Láni and Tibor Hanesz, our esteemed space experts, took the main stage at the biggest IT conference in Slovakia to discuss and share valuable insights from their experience in designing, implementing, and delivering successful space projects. 

June 2023 

Emerging Space Days 2023 (Slovakia) 

Happy and proud, we participated in the Emerging Space Days, where we shared valuable insights from our SGAT space project and the remarkable path leading to our collaboration with ESA. Dominika Vassová, our Tech Recruiter, actively engaged in a panel discussion centered around nurturing collaboration between the government, tech companies, and space organizations. She highlighted the significance of shaping Slovakia's education system to cultivate the next generation of skilled space engineers.  

Space Beer with Slovak Space Community (Slovakia) 

Hosting the 'Space Beer' event at our office in Bratislava Old Town, we brought together professionals from various Slovak entities involved in space projects. This informal gathering provided a great opportunity to share insights, build connections, and foster collaboration within the local space community. The event was not only enjoyable but also highly inspiring, creating a platform for quality discussions and meaningful interactions. 

September 2023 

The final presentation of SGAT (Toulouse, France) 

A significant milestone in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of space technology was achieved as we conducted the final presentation and made the final delivery to the ESA Toulouse Space Center (CST). Our space department continues to enhance the space tool. 

Touch4IT in France - SGAT - space industryTouch4IT in France - SGAT - space industry

And what's next? 

As we look ahead, our journey continues to unfold with exciting prospects. Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget to check our SGAT app.  



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