Holodeck Space Won 1st Prize and Best Game App award in PICO Dev Jam 2023 

Published: Dec 15. 2023
Holodeck Space by Touch4IT

Congratulations to our XR Department and the VR project Holodeck Space, which won both the 1st Prize and the Best Game App award at PICO Dev Jam 2023. 

PICO launched the 2023 PICO Dev Jam, the first-ever global challenge for emerging virtual reality developers. The competition objective was to boost the VR ecosystem through the development of innovative virtual reality and mixed reality content, while also nurturing PICO’s growing community of VR developers around the world. 

Holodeck Space, the VR Multiplayer Platform developed by our XR Department, won 1st prize and the Best Game Application award! Check out the case study for its award-winning features!  

Great thanks go to our XR Department Norbert Šulek, XR Team Leader and Filip Tartott, XR Developer. 

Holodeck Space Multiplayer Platform by Touch4IT

What is the Holodeck Space Project About?  

Holodeck Space is a project that provides a platform for managing VR applications, where players in the same physical space can connect to virtual reality and interact with objects and the virtual environment together.   

Industries where the VR Holodeck Space App can be beneficial: 

1. Recreation 

2. Education 

 3. Art 

4. Architecture 

5. Marketing 

6. Aviation 

7. Mechanical Engineering 

The VR Multiplayer Platform has applications in various fields. In the entertainment industry, it can be used for activities such as laser tag or escape rooms. In sports, it can serve as a sports training simulator. In the workplace, it can facilitate collaborative work. In architecture or product design, it can aid in visualization. It can also be utilized in collaborative meetings, various types of training, or in the cultural sector for virtual exhibitions or tours.   

What makes the project unique?   

The app features multiplayer capabilities, allowing multiple players to experience the same virtual environment simultaneously. Another feature is real-space calibration, which adapts to the physical space in which the players are located. Additionally, an admin application gives the admin user a smartphone-based overview of this virtual environment, enabling them to manage the entire virtual experience and influence and modify its progression.   

See the full case study for more details.  



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