We supported Transparency International Slovakia and created a website

Published: Oct 03. 2017
Transparency international slovensko web

A year ago we decided to address organisation Transparency International Slovakia with the intention to help. How did this collaboration begin?

What is Transparency International Slovakia doing? 

The mission of this organization is to reduce corruption by increasing transparency and eliminating bureaucracy. Its vision is to make Slovakia a country with transparent and responsible people and institutions without the corruption. Nowadays, it seems impossible and is like a fairytale to achieve, but it is still an organization full of people who are motivated and persevering to pursue their goals.

How did our cooperation begin? 

One day we decided to help and move Slovakia on the way to a better future. We wrote an email to the Chief Executive Officer, Gabriel Šípoš, and told him what we could do to help and get it completely free, because we want to. We then agreed to develop their website. 

What was our work?

As part of the project we were responsible for the complete development of the website based on the provided graphic material from Ján Kovács. Our goal was to make a good work and create a site that will be visually appealing, fully functional, clear and especially secure because of the risk of attacks on such a client.

What have we learned?

Each project brings us new experiences, knowledge and skills that move us further. In this case, we have learned that work on nonprofit projects can be as difficult as profitable projects, but it is a great honor for us. A tribute to the fact that we can work together on a project that wants to move Slovakia forward and to a higher level.

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