We support startups: AR application for ecological turbine

Published: Sep 14. 2017
veterna turbina

Nowadays more and more people are thinking about coming up with something that will not only help people but also benefit the environment. So never give up a good idea that can lead to something really big.

Where did the wind turbine idea come from?

A few days ago, we met Robo - a representative of Produced(in)3D, which provides services especially in designing and modeling 3D models, 3D printing and CNC milling. Robo is the person behind the whole of this innovative and ecological idea, under the title "Personal Energy System" (PES):

"I just wanted to create something that would benefit the environment and make it possible to create an EKO social network in cities as well. This idea or product is just starting out, but I believe it will move further."

ecological turbine


PES is a useful personal assistant whose main "life" goal is to produce clean electricity and show people that it can be done in other way - more effective, entertaining and environmentally friendly. It's a wind turbine that you can compose alone (simple and fun as lego), or you can have it prefabricated and you will just receive a ready-made model. You will find a lot of use for this turbine - you can use it as a mobile charger or laptop charger, as a "drawer" for romantic garden party lighting or outdoor tent.

How did we support this idea?

As soon as we heard Rob's concept of this project, we were really excited - it is great to see people being just not blinded by success, but really trying to come up with something that will help us all. We've got a finished 3D model of a wind turbine from Rob, which we have incorporated into augmented reality (AR), so you can see this model via your mobile phone through our application Touch4IT AR.

ecological turbine

How can you try it out?

Here's a simple tutorial how you can see this 3D model:

  1. Download our mobile app Touch4IT AR (links above).
  2. Download QR code - print it on paper or just open a picture on your computer monitor.
    QR code for open turbine - HERE.
    QR code for closed turbine - HERE.
  3. Open the downloaded app and scan the code with your mobile camera.

Our goal is not just to get big developer projects ... we always try to look for startups that we can help with their initial development and move them forward. Not only we can help them with our skills and experience, these new projects also move us forward in our own progress.

If you are interested in this eco-friendly wind turbine, check out this promo video:

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