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Published: Apr 19. 2017
Touch4IT Online Marketing

Online marketing is our „special thing“

What is online marketing? It is the marketing, that promotes a brand via internet i.e. in online environment. This includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, by which we can improve the position of a website in the organic search results of search engines (e. g. Google), Google AdWords campaigs (ranking of a web at the leading positions, when searching for specific keywords).


When speaking of online marketing, we also mean the management of social networks and e-mail marketing – because what makes one's morning happier, than a cup of coffee and an interesting newsletter from one's favourite website?


At Touch4IT we'll do detailed analyses, suggest an effective strategy, implement it and then evalutate the results.

From now on Offline marketing, as well

You know the situation...you're watching your favourite soap opera and just as José is finally about to kiss Esmeralda, the programme is interrupted by a catchy advertisement. And suddenly you feel that you have to use the last minute special offer.

Why offline marketing? Because it happens outside the internet, especially in press, television, radio, or nature (billboards, bigboards, citylights etc.). It includes events, exhibitions, presentations and much more.


Coordination of offline marketing campaigns is much more challenging. You need a detailed strategy, media plan, buying of TV advertising, production of materials etc., but you needn't worry. Entrust all the work to us and just watch the process.



We design a complete brand identity

An old saying goes: „Fine feathers make fine birds.“ This might also be applied to a company – an interesting logo and brand guidelines, that are built on good graphics are like the looks of a person. However the true beauty rests inside – in the heart. And precisely on that you must build your brand identity – on your principles, that represent your goals and values you want to share. This is the heart of your company.


Our marketing team will understand your internal world and will help you to succesfully present it outwards.

Why contact us?

We have a team of specialists, who love their work and give it maximum effort. We address each client with an individual approach and with fresh ideas. We seek unique solutions, that will bring you success...because your success is our success as well.

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