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Published: May 31. 2018
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Many companies claim that their people are the most important to them, but it is not always true in reality... So we are not just trying to talk about it, but we also show it to them. Do you want to know how?

As John C. Maxwell once said: „The truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great achievement.“

Having said that, working with people is not easy, but when you find the right team of individuals who have the same goals and know hard work... then it is a victory. 

It is not about working alone in the night to make the client happy BUT to sit down together and come up with a solution that will be "winning" and bring satisfaction to both sides. 

That's why...

We celebrate our birthdays and other holidays

We will never forget anyone on our team. We are watching the calendar and all the important dates that symbolize the holiday of one of us. And then we give that person a nice gift to make him or her happy. We do not only think of ourselves because the person with birthday always brings something to us - popular is cheesecake, delicious sweet cakes, pizza slugs and much more. 

touch4it birthday party

We celebrate anniversaries in the company

Since we appreciate our people, we also appreciate their time spent in our team and all the anniversaries are honored to celebrate. Therefore, we always try to surprise them with a creative gift that will bring them joy.

touch4it anniversary

We go on a summer holiday together

Once a year, we go on summer holiday, during which we consolidate relationships and learn about each other's different news (:D). These are great moments that remain for life.

touch4it chroatia


We celebrate Christmas together as a family

Once the Christmas songs and sweet cakes begin, we are holding together and at the Christmas party, there is no one with an empty stomach and a sad face. We celebrate the last days of the year and wish each other only the best.

touch4it christmas party


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