Project JustMe was a great success at the world-renowned expo CeBIT. Your photos will get a brand new look

Published: Apr 19. 2017
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CeBIT is the largest computer expo in the world that runs for 5 days every year and yearly connects more than 200 lecturers, 3000 exhibitors and roughly 200 000 visitors. This expo is a great place to present digital technology projects, to build new business partnerships and to gain knowledge in this area. We were there with project JustMe... 

We introduce you the project named JustMe, coming from Austria…

We've all surely been in a situation, where we've tried to take a picture of a nice historical monument or an interesting place and then realized, that the photo is dominated by heads of other tourists, moving cyclists or speeding cars. Well, this is the right moment for JustMe!

Application JustMe is based on a simple algorhitm, which identifies all moving objects, and removes them from the photo. You can see a preview on the image below:



What is the story behing the JustMe project?

It all stared in the beautiful Venice...the CEO of the project – Tomas Musil – went for a trip to explore this charming place of water and sun. After coming back home he realized, that he can't really see Venice on his photos. All photos were dominated by the heads of other tourist, moving vehicles and many other objects. So he came up with the idea to create an algorhitm, that could remove such objects from photos. He elaborated this idea in his bachelor's work and participated in many competitions (and won several awards). In July 2016 he's decided to really create the app and bring it to the market. For this step he chose us – Touch4IT – and since then, we actively cooperate on optimization and implementation of the overall concept, i. e. development of the app. We're developing the app for both Android and iOS.


Click on the link and watch a video demo of the JustMe app →

How has the project managed on the CeBIT expo?

As suggested by the title of this article, the concept of JustMe app was a great success and captured the attention of many attendees and many exhibitors. After its presentation, Tomas Musil has been contacted by more than 200 potential clients, including representatives of Samsung, Canon, Leica etc.

Except from JustMe you can enjoy the JustFilterMe function…

To please all fans of photo and video filters, along the JustMe app, we'll present a function called JustFilterMe. This feature will be able to edit background/foreground, i. e. edit the moving or static objects on a photo or a video.
As you can see on the picture below, thanks to the JustFilterMe function, you'll be able to highlight the moving objects on a photo and add a blurred effect to the background, which will give the photo an original look.




Click on the link below and watch a video demo of the JustFilterMe feature →

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