The Internet of Things will radically change the world of social media

Published: Oct 18. 2017
Internet vecí

The Internet of Things, called IoT, is an industrial or even economic revolution, according to many experts. It is the revolution of relationships between people and devices they use in their everyday lives.


A fridge that automatically orders food when it is needed. A coffee maker will surprise you with fresh coffee on arrival. This is just the beginning of what we are likely to expect in the future. The key to the whole IoT is connectivity, and this leads us to see that this revolution will also affect the world of social media.


Here are some of the ways how the IoT will change social marketing:


People will be connected all the time... but really, all the time

Increasing the number of devices through which users can access the internet is one of the biggest benefits for social media marketers. Then they can communicate with their customers in more ways. The portal Social News Daily says that by 2020 will be connected to the net more than:


  • 1,3 billion things in your home (kettle, fridge, freezer, TV, cameras, lights,...) 

  • 3,5 billion things in your car (navigation systems,...)

  • 411 million wearable things (clothes, watches, glasses, shoes,...)

  • 646 million things in the hospital (body implants, heart rate monitors,...)

  • 9,7 billion things in your city (buildings, street lights, traffic lights,...)

internet of things


In the future it is more than likely that people will be able to connect to social networks through any device - anytime and anywhere. It will not only be possible through laptops, phones or tablets, but this allow other smart devices in the home or car, too. 


Sharing information will become much easier

Sharing through social media will be greatly simplified, leading to an even higher level of interaction. Connected devices on the internet will also be able to communicate with each other and share the necessary information.


There will be gaps in the social media market

IoT will be likely to reveal sectors where social media are still very weak and will need to be rectified. For example, in the field of medicine, there is a strong likelihood that after the IoT extension and the deployment of intelligent devices, the need for niche social media will grow.

Michaela Rostecka Marketing manager

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