Inspiration from Touch4IT: Christmas presents for family

Published: Dec 03. 2018
christmas presents

Busy days of shopping and looking for the right gifts for our family & friends are coming. We've done a small survey at Touch4IT to find out what kind of Christmas presents we usually buy for our beloved ones.

Traditional Question: What to Buy Parents for Christmas?  

First, we asked colleagues what kind of Christmas gifts for parents they used to buy. In the case of a gift for mom, the most frequent answer was a holiday or trip and a gift for the home & garden. The second place finished beauty products and the third good book.

christmas gift for mom touch4it

Gifts for our dads are also usually very similar - a holiday or a good book. Some of us give them an useful electronics or pieces of clothing, too.

christmas gift for dad touch4it

Does a sibling deserve something? 

Many of us have a sibling - sister or brother - so we have to buy some Christmas gift for him/her, too. What gifts do we usually buy them? There is a variety of answers

  1. "Something to wear."
  2. "Something useful - mostly some electronic stuff." 
  3. "Funny or useful little things."
  4. "Book to educate yourself." 
  5. "What he/she asks for." :) 

Do we buy something for ourselves? 

We were surprised that most of our colleagues don't buy anything special for themselves on Christmas. When they need something, they just buy it and do not consider it as a Christmas gift. However, some of us like to buy something little (electronics, clothes, book) or a small trip for relax. 

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Buying through the Internet or in a store?

Nowadays, e-shops are very popular for buying Christmas gifts. However, at Touch4IT it's not so clear. Half of us prefer comfortable shopping from the house (through the Internet), others prefer to shop in the store, so they don't have to stress if the presents will come in time.

christmas gift internet store touch4it

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