How does prototype save time and client money?

Published: Feb 08. 2018

Nowadays, the market is "overwhelmed" by many web & mobile applications, it is important to test an application and start programming it until you have all details of how it works and behaves. And the prototype is all about that.

What is a prototype? 

A prototype is an initial creation of a product that shows the basics of what a product will look like and how the product operates. Thanks to interactions with the prototype, it is better to identify all the requirements that apply to the application and to identify the shortcomings that need to be edited. While working with the prototype, we often find that the client understands what he wants to add/remove from the application, and because it is just a prototype, a small change does not require a large time cost.


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Prototypes for mobile devices

While prototyping for desktop products is merely recommended, creating prototypes for mobile is mandatory. Mobile devices are used in more environments than desktop devices and it leads to far more user scenarios and use cases. 

The created prototype of the application can be also tested by the target users.  Based on their responses, you can improve the app and it will become popular. If you discover mistakes in UX design while testing the prototype, it will save you a lot of time and money. 

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Advantages of prototype model: 

  • Saves costs - ensures that the solution does what it is supposed to do - not what the developer thinks it ought to do or how. 
  • Helps the developer to estimate development costs, timescale, skills and potential resource requirements.
  • Helps to eliminate ambiguities and improve accuracy in interpretation of system requirements and functionality.  
  • Helps to identify and address problems early on (for instance: missing or misunderstood features).  
  • Gives the client a greater sense of involvement and a better appreciation of the final solution. 
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How does it work in Touch4IT? 

If a client is interested in a web or mobile app, we always offer him the possibility of prototyping (if it is the right solution) and explain its advantages and disadvantages. It is our interest to solve the whole project efficiently and achieve the best result. 

Do you want to learn even more about it? Are you thinking about having a mobile app as a part of your business? Contact us and we can discuss everything. :) 

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