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Published: Jun 18. 2018
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In mid-February of this year, the Bratislava I District Court decided that Uber must shut down their application and stop its use throughout Slovakia. They say that this is not the end of the company, but his arrival is not expected in the near future. There is also one inspirational application for taxis...

Why did the Uber service have to end?

The company filed a lawsuit from the Civil Association of Licensed Taxi Drivers who relied mainly on Uber's failure to comply with the current legislation. The District Court has ordered to refrain from operating taxis in Slovakia in ways that do not meet the statutory requirements for the operation of such service. It is also forbidden to conclude transport contracts through persons who do not meet the legal conditions imposed on the taxi driver.

Uber representatives said that they will try to restore their services as quickly as possible and resolve any discrepancies that have occurred. 

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Spišská Nová Ves has „its Uber“ in the form of Albert TAXI app

Albert TAXI service in Spišská Nová Ves addressed us with the intention of creating a mobile application that would simplify the communication between driver and customer. And so it happened! We've developed the "Albert TAXI" app - you just need to open the app, find a taxi near you and order it by just a click. The great advantage is a map where you can see where your taxi is or you can even choose your favourite driver you know. 

It is simple & fast and you can achieve many new customers who already prefer convenience and fast solutions.

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