4 Marketing Technologies Every Company Must Know

Published: Jan 14. 2019
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Nowadays, there are already more than 1,000 companies trying to sell some type of marketing technology in over 40 categories. This huge amount is also one of the reasons why companies can not decide which one to choose and then the adoption rate of marketing technology is very low.

"Research shows that only 22% of B2B companies implement and use marketing technologies in their business."

The main marketing tools can be categorized into 4 categories:

First category: Analytics

Second category: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Third category: Marketing Automation

Fourth category: Remarketing

First category: Analytics

Retail and advertising pioneer John Wanamaker once said:

„Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.“

What was this pioneer talking about? Nowadays, skilled marketing managers know - thanks to the available analytical technologies and collected data - to find out where they are losing the most of their visitors, why they are leaving, how they behave, and much more.

The most used tool is...

Far and away the most popular website analytics tool is the free Google Analytics, which is used on over 80% of small and mid-market websites. It's a great "starting" technology that can provide an overview of where visitors come from on your site, who they are, what they do, how they behave, how much time they spend on individual subpages, and so on.

Second category: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The main aim of this technology is to attract visitors from search engines. It includes both paid search ads, like Google AdWords, and search engine optimization (SEO) to try to get high organic search listings for your website content. Thanks to these techniques, the website becomes more and more attractive to users and attracts new visitors who can turn into paid customers.

Most used tools:
━ Google AdWords
━ Mixpanel
━ SEMrush
━ WordStream
━ WordTracker


Third category: Marketing Automation

Marketing automation covers almost everything - from analytics, online forms, A/B testing, email campaigns to funnels, reports, automated notifications, integration with other tools, and much more.

Most used tools:
━ HubSpot
━ Mixpanel
━ CrazyEgg

Fourth category: Remarketing

What is remarketing? Imagine the situation: you go to a website and then, when you leave that site, their ads appear on other sites that you visit... so, this is remarketing. It's incredibly cost effective because you only show your ad to people who have already expressed enough interest in you because they came to your website. It can even be customized to show ads for the particular products or services they looked at.

Some of the top tools in the categories:
━ Google AdWords
━ AdRoll
━ Perfect Audience

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